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Housing Options for Florida Sex Offenders

  • Florida Justice Transitions – Florida Justice Transitions has been in existence for over twenty years, and provides low cost housing, transitional assistance programs, and general support for Sex Offenders, in particular those who are in the process of release from prison. Services offered by Florida Justice Transitions include Housing, Furnishing and all Utilities (including In –Room Cable TV), Job Placement Assistance and Career Counseling, Substance Abuse Recovery Support (AA and NA), Probation Support and Transportation Assistance, Life Skills and Personal Finance Management and numerous social and recreational programs

  • H4SO, Inc. – H4SO, Inc. is a privately owned property management company that specializes in providing housing for sex offenders in the Orlando, Florida area.  All residences are pre-approved with the Florida Department of Corrections for those on parole and probation.  H4SO offers pre-approved housing for sex offenders on probation, parole, and CRD. H4SO's prices range from $300.00 per month to $1000.00 per month with shared rooms, single rooms, and rooms on a lake. H4SO also offers assistance with Sex Offender Registration with the FDLE, Social Security and Disability appointments, Food Stamp Applications, Department of Veteran Affairs Registration and Medical Appointments, Department of Motor Vehicles and Locating Treatment Options.

  • Helping Offenders Successfully Transition –  H.O.S.T. provides consulting services for transition assistance including sex offender housing, job search, applications for assistance and many other services. H.O.S.T. plans include placement in eligible sex offender housing for the offender that meets both DOC and FDLE regulations. H.O.S.T. will coordinate with the prison if the offender is still incarcarated, so they will be able to move into a residence on their day of release and if the offender is not currently incarcarated but on probation H.O.S.T. can coordinate with DOC to have the probation transferred.

  • Housing for Sex Offenders – Housing for Sex Offender's goal is to provide affordable housing to sex offenders whether apartment, house or shared housing in or near the offender's desired area. They also provide assistance with the following: participation in intensive sex offender therapy, communication with Department of Corrections,  communication with Parole, communication with Probation, assistance with the Fulfillment of Florida State Registration Requirements, local Sheriff’s registration, FDLE, Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, Florida state ID or Drivers Licenses, Letters of Compliance, Application for food stamps completed, when applicable and Application for Social Security completed, when applicable. Disabled Veterans and all veterans are given priority on list for assistance thru Housing for Sex Offenders.

  • Matthew 25 Ministries  – Matthew 25 Ministries' mission is  to provide a compassionate recovery community for ex-offenders who are willing to take responsibility for themselves and learn to make viable choices while striving for success. Matthew 25 Ministries offers safe and affordable housing while their residents rebuild their lives. New residents just arriving into Matthew 25 Ministries community after being released from prison are housed in two-man "transitional housing" to help re-acclimate to life outside of confinement. When the resident is ready, the are moved into their own private room. Matthew 25 Ministries has been working with ex-offenders for a long time, and their support system is proven in that no one that Matthew 25 Ministries has approved for residency within their community has ever committed a crime of a similar nature as their index offense since moving in.

  • Offender Housing LLC – Offender Housing LLC is an Orlando-based cooperative which mediates resources for offender’s who are wholly committed to successfully reintegrating into local communities throughout Florida. Through collaborative partnership agreements, the company is able to provide housing, vocational training, medical care and other services to meet client specific goals in an effort to promote and reinforce rehabilitative objectives. Through lifelong, individual encouragement, accountability and proactive support, former criminal offenders are mentored to overcome all the challenges of building a new life; breaking, permanently, the cycle of recidivism and contributing to the communities they once transgressed. Offender Housing LLC's principal objective is providing a safe, secure and confident living environment for all of their tenants. Offender Housing LLC coordinates with The Department of Correction's release officers,  probation and parole to facilitate approved housing, relocation, transfer and pick up, Sheriff's office Registration and DMV are only a few of their many services available. Offender Housing LLC is an official vendor for The Department of Corrections.

  • Palace Mobile Home Park – Palace Mobile Home Park located in St Petersburg, Florida offers a safe place for sex offenders to return from prison and begin transitioning back into society including a support structure that encourages the rapid reintroduction to being a productive member of society. Palace Mobile Home Park has been providing safe, affordable housing to sex offenders while offering guidance and assistance in acquiring benefits (VA, SSI, SSDI), if eligible, and providing onsite counseling for over a decade. Palace Mobile Home Park offers shared housing where each individual rents their own room, shares a bath & kitchen facilities and pays a portion of electrical expenses. Residents of Palace Park Mobile Home park range in age from 25 to 88.

  • Sex Offender Housing of Florida – Sex Offender Housing of Florida provides housing assistance to men who have served their time and simply want to move on with their life.  They house sex-offenders who are doing their best to stay clean and green. Sex Offender Housing of Florida has many locations available around the state of Florida including but not limited to Orlando, Ft Myers and Lakeland. A full list of locations can be found on their website under the Housing tab.

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